Sunday, April 21, 2013

Seasonal Fun Challenge Card

Spring has been enjoying it hiatus, i have not.  i keep thinking of the song that Franklin and his friends sing while looking for Spring in the movie Green Knight.  "Wake Up, Spring Where are you?"
so that is how i put together my card. the little signs of  Spring the cute flowers, bird and rain.  as well as our lovely snow and snowflakes. the mailbox and trees are from "Dearie Dolls"  i cropped them out of the picture they were part of .  The hills i cropped out of a digi picture from "Beyond the Fringe"  the flowers and sky scene are unknown as to who's wonderful talent they are from.  i printed the words myself, using the phrase from Franklins, The Green Knight.
Tags: DD, BTF, and FGK
Here in North Dakota today we still have snow on the ground, a considerable amount and we are having spring rain.  where is the global warming i keep hearing about???

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  1. Sure is crazy weather we all have been having. Today feels like summer in CA. Yesterday we almost got blown off the map...I'm loving your card. I like the way you designed it. Thanks for sharing.
    CDAC DT Member