Sunday, June 22, 2014

Simply Betty Lola

well, i got the card finished in time, still need to find the correct saying to go with it.  sometimes that can take awhile.  this was an interesting challenge.  i did a little research and found the info for this landscape and i really liked it.  now after seeing the other cards i feel rather stupid but these challenges are to help us grow.  it has helped me realize that i need a few more markers to help with coloring and i NEED a coloring class.  so saving up my nickels and dimes.  well here is my card "AT THE SEASHORE"  any helpful suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Simply B Stamps Challenge December

i wanted to do something different than a card, what to do=, what to do, then i came upon my white wreath and i know i had my project.  my first attempt turned out to be to big so i downsized it.  i used holly paper with merry christmas written on it as my background, then i found a christmas tree (from the graphics fairy) with the words "tis the Season" so i put that up colored Corinne using colored pencils, added her then i added the words "to be Jolly" on the wreath..  i taped the paper to the door, hung the wreath and created a new decoration.  it makes the wreath more noticeable as well.  i have a white door.  the two pictures i have placed here give 2 different angles to see it from.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Simply Betty Stamps FB Challenge

with the upcoming holiday i decided to make table tents for our thanksgiving tables.  on one side i have the menu typed on a picture of birds and a scroll for the menu.  on the other side is indian betty, she is placed on top of cardstock that has been embossed with thanksgiving words.  there is a saying on the top of the table tent and added decor from foam stickers purchased at joann's.  i used colored pencils to color the betty's.  one table tent has a larger betty with the turkey

and the second table tent has a smaller betty with the words colored in various colors.
the back side picture came from graphics fairy.
i am sorry that all the pictures quality is so bad, i need to improve my picture taking ability or have a different camera. improving my skills is more in my budget.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Simply Betty October Challenge

the two cards on this part of the blog are the same.  the first one i scanned and the second one i took a picture of.  the first card is more accurate of the colors and the second one show it in the easel style i made it.  i have not done many easel style cards and i have not liked the way they turn out.  so i need to continue making these until i get it figured out.
the fortune teller is from Simply Betty Stamps as is the saying that goes with it.  i used my colored pencils to color it and paper i purchased from Joann's & Hobby Lobby.

Simply Betty October challenge

this lovely fortune tell is from Simply Betty Stamps, i used colored pencils to color her.  i got the saying from Paulette at TLC creations.  when i saw this saying i felt it was perfect to go with the fortune teller, especially since she FORGOT the birthday.
i had this card completed a while ago but just put off posting it, kept thinking i had till the 31st.  so here is this creation, at least i made it before the deadline.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Simply Betty Challenge

the witchy witch is from simply betty stamps.  i created this shadow box for my daughter who's birthday and anniversary is October 31.  i used colored pencils to color the digi stamps, orange is my daughter's favorite color.  the spider web in the background i embroidered with my daughters name on.. the other additions are digi stamps from various resources.  i apologize for my picture taking skills.  i will add a few more pictures but i am not happy with how any of the pictures turned out.  i used a battery operated tea light for the little light in the corner.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Simply Betty Stamps Good vs Evil

here is the card i made for simply betty stamps good vs evil, i decided to so the evil mermaid Spika.  Evil is hard to do. i used my color pencils to create the coloring of this mermaid.  then i used pictures from a internet search under water.  so the top part of the card has the look of sunlight coming down through the water, the way bottom is a picture of coral.  the middle rock and bubbles is from a paper book i purchased at joann's.  the octopus, jelly like fingers and the pearl oyster is also from my internet search.  i just did a square card.  i think i need to try some new card shapes.

Sami Stamps Challenge #003 Add something Curious

this is my first challenge that i am doing for sami stamps.
i used the digi curious horse fly, a freebie from Sami Stamps, since we normally expect a rocking horse i decided to use the words from Ginger's blog.  i used a premade shape card and then cut out paper that i got at Hobby Lobby.  i think i will send this to my sister who has been working lots of hours.  i think she will enjoy this concept.  i used colored pencils to color this unique rocking horse fly.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

CDAC Anything Goes Challenge

 i took a glass pumpkin and fabric modge podge and some fallish fabric to create this special gift.  i left the lid plain to give it a unique look.  the glass pumpkin i got at a rummage sale for $1 fabric i had purchased a couple of years ago.  this made this gift very economical and pretty too.

CDAC Anything Goes Challenge

i enjoy other crafts as well.  here is my experiment with modge podge fabric.  i covered a welcome sign.  it turned out good so i used it as part of a wedding gift.

Simply Betty Stamps a little fairy fun Summer fairy challenge

the requirements, use this adorable fairy from simply betty stamps, and create your own background.  this was a challenge for me but i am so glad i did it.  after a few attempts at trying various ways to make my own background.  i didn't like any of the attempts i tried so i thought some more and while doing research on how to use the Spellbinders Impressabilities i decided to try that.  Well i first attempted to emboss it, that didn't work for me, so the next thing i did was ink it.  that is the method i used and it turned out interesting.  granted i need more practice with this die, but i think it has great potential.
i used my color pencils to color this image.  i then added some light blue glitter glue to give the wings some pizazz!  the lovely fairy reminded me of a free spirit so i added those words to the card.
thank you Betty for this lovely image and this fun challenge.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

CDAC Progressive Challenge

i have completed my 3rd card for this challenge.  i plan on giving this card to my daughter on the birth of our fist grand daughter.  the cutie was born on May 1, 2013  i used colored pencils to color this digi, i added flowers i purchase at joann's and some butterflies  i can no longer remember where the verse came from.
the second picture is the inside of the card, it is a picture of our new cutie with her birth details.
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