Thursday, February 7, 2013

CDAC Seasonal Fun challenge

i made 2 cards pertaining to the fun of WINTER!!!  I live in north dakota and here we have too many months of winter and at least one month of very cold temperatures.  like -20 to -30 below and some years even lower!!!!! 

using a reddish brown card stock and some blue snowflake paper and a little musical paper  i found the cut little girls in my stash of vintage pictures.  i used colored pencils to add more color to this picture, my printer is low on printer ink.  the same with the holly branches.  i then added a little glitter glue.  the saying snowflakes are angel kisses is one that i really like and aren't these little girls just wonderful angels?

i used a deep blue card stock for the card base.  i found this winter scene and the snowman  when i did a search.  i added some blue glitter glue to various parts of the scene and to the snowman.  i think it really adds some "sparkle" to it!! i don't know where i got the saying came from these are from my beginning of collecting  digi 's and i didn't label as well.  i added some blue glittery snowflakes, i did have some difficulty getting the snowflakes to stick.


  1. Amazing projects! Thank you so much for sharing this project at CDAC for the Seasonal Fun Challenge.

  2. I love this image, great card. The saying is the title of an old song.

  3. Love the papers you used and what a great image too. Can't wait to see what you will come up with for the other challenges going on. Remember you can enter as many times as you like till March 31st. Happy crafting.